Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day - To My Too-Oft-Under-Unappreciated-Father

It's officially Father's Day, and officially my first with Lydia out o' the womb.  Today she began crawling for the first time (or at least the first purposeful crawls).  It has been an incredible year, and much of that due to that little girl.

But tonight I am thankful for my own father.  Dad - you have taught me so many things, including but not limited to:
  • Teaching me that Jesus is the Son of God and Savior of the world.  The faith in God that you put on display is an honest faith.  You've taught me that it's okay to not have all of the answers, and that this doesn't make the faith any less valid.  You also taught me that faith is the result of grace, rather than the inverse.  The long talks that we have shared about the biggest questions in life have honestly been some of the most life-giving conversations that I have ever had.  Thank you for leading our family in this faith.
  • You've taught me that loving one another is worth the challenge and the difficulties that it may require.  I have witnessed your unshakable love for your wife and your children, even when it is not easy to do so.  This is the type of love that takes work and commitment, and you have taught me that people are worthy of this type of commitment.
  • You've taught me to put the needs of my family before my own.  You give of yourself everyday at Medicap, which is something that I have far too often taken for granted.  I have only begun to realize the sacrifices you have made for all of us, most of us which have gone unnoticed for many years.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • You've taught me to be committed to my wife and cherish her.  Your story of thirty years together in marriage to mom is one of the most beautiful stories I know.  We've seen you enjoy one another, be angry with one another, and forgive each other.  You've shown me that being married to another person under Christ is more than a romantic flurry, but is a daily partnership of working together.  I pray that Jamie and I will grow to love each other the way that you and mom love each other.
  • You've taught me to care for others.  Again, I've only begun to realize how much of a "place of peace" you have shaped Medicap to be, and it's a place of peace not for profit-gain, but for the sake of caring for your patients.  You've taught me that, whatever we are doing in life, the people we are doing it with and for are of significance.
Dad - I am grateful tonight to be your son.  I could not be more blessed.  I love you.